My name is Glenn Moncrieff, I live in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I pass my time trying to think of smart ways of using data to solve problems. My favourite problems to solve are those that involve environmental protection or social justice. My most favourite problems to solve are those that involve the flora of South Africa, particulary the unique and spectacular fynbos biome. I divide my energy among a few challanges:

Data Science

Mastering R, Python, Spark, Tensorflow etc. to equip myself with the skills to apply the most advanced tech to the challenges I tackle.


Spending time staring at plants in the field to understand their innermost thoughts. My research is focussed on linking plant ecology to the carbon and water cycles in Africa and the fynbos biome in particular. Often I find remote sensing and ecological models to be the tools best suited to these tasks. Find out more at SAEON fynbos node or visit my Google Scholar to see a list of my publications


Spreading the gospel of open source software, open science, and data literacy. I believe in their ability to democratize research and empower marginailzed youth to acquire in-demand computing skills without the financial and social barriers imposed by traditional higher education. I supervise university students, design data science curricula, and teach data literacy to students across Africa as a Software Carpentry Instructor. Find out more at Software Carpentry


When all the sciencing gets too much I escape to the mountains and oceans to surf, hike and rock climb. I try to share this passion with at-risk youth in Cape Town through a non-profit climbing club. We take youth climbing at the local gym, on trips to outdoor climbing spots and connect them with the local climbing community. Find out more at DreamHigher


If you would like to get hold of me, don’t hesistate to send me an email at: